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Welcome to Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates
We believe that any company is only as good as its people. We strive to hire qualified, diligent and loyal people to join our team. Each position comes with unique qualifications and expectations, and, at the same time, we stress the importance of diversity and inclusion, collective liberation and teamwork. Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates (GGPA) welcomes all applications from qualified clinicians seeking employment within a private practice setting.
GGPA is an LGBTQIA Affirmative practice and provides paid part-time and full time employment to Marriage and Family Therapist interns and all licensed therapists.  GGPA provides mental health services to individuals (teens and adults) and couples identifying and belonging to all modes/types of relationships.  GGPA utilizes Emotionally-Focused Therapy treatment modality including psychoanalytic approaches to therapy.  In addition, GGPA facilitates group psychotherapy in addiction, substance use, harm reduction, LGBTQIA groups, etc.  GGPA’s team of clinicians are all LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapists and Emotionally-Focused Therapy Therapists.  Potential applicants must possess the following qualifications below prior to submitting their CV for consideration.
  • Intern applicants must have completed at least 1500 hours of training hours but no more than 1700 hours to apply;
  • Applicant must be an LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapist;
  • Applicant must commit to a 2-year internship/employment;
  • Applicant must have completed or must be registered to take Emotionally-Focused Therapy Externship and Emotionally-Focused Therapy Core Skills Training; and
  • Knowledge of DMH note writing including treatment planning and discharge summaries is a must.
  • Experience in treating creatives and/or folx that belong in the entertainment industry is preferred.
For interested applicants, please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to  You will receive a pre-interview questionnaire that you will complete and submit back.  This pre-interview questionnaire will help determine the best candidates for the position. The best candidates will receive an email invitation for an in-person/zoom interview within 48 hours from the date of your pre-interview form submission.
Thank you for your interest in joining GGPA’s team.
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