Interracial Couples Therapy

As a person of color and with my diverse background, I have a vast understanding of different types of oppression.  I have experienced what it is like to feel different, confused, misunderstood and marginalized.  Therefore, I welcome issues surrounding oppression other therapists have difficulty understanding and processing with people of color and interracial couples including biracial individuals.

Finding couples therapy in Los Angeles can be difficult.  Therefore, it is important to ask around for therapist referrals.  My patients and colleagues often refer couples to me because they have seen the progress couples attain while working with me.  I have seen many interracial and continue to see interracial couples in my practice.  Couples have reported feeling happier in their relationships and have created a more secure relational bond with their partners.

Working with interracial couples has given me the opportunity to guide couples in understanding the differences between cultures and the impact this has in the way they communicate and relate with each other.  If you are currently struggling in creating a secure bond with your partner, please reach out to me by clicking below.

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