Couples Therapy

Feeling lost and don’t know what to do?

Many couples experience challenges in relationships and are not able to find resolutions. Couples can develop resentment when relational issues aren’t resolved early on.  Some couples end up reconciling their issues and some end up separating.

What would happen if I stay?  What would happen if I leave?   Some might ask “when is this going to end?”  “No one else would want me if I leave this relationship.”  These are some of the most common questions and assumptions couples have when relational conflicts arise.  I can help explore and find solutions to relational conflicts that works best for you and your romantic partner.

Whatever relational conflicts you are currently experiencing with your romantic partner, couples therapy can help.  You can call us at 1-323-487-9003 for a free phone consult or you can send me an email by clicking here.

Couples Therapy is GGPA’s specialty 🙂

GGPA focuses on treating relational issues and utilizes Emotionally-Focused Therapy treatment modality for couples.  To learn more about EFT, you may click here.

Photo by Flo Maderebner