Individual Therapy

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Has it been tough lately and feeling alone with no one to talk to?

Does it always have to be this hard, you might ask?

No, it doesn’t have to be.  Just like many others, you are probably struggling with issues you feel no one understands.  I, too, will probably have to agree, that when people don’t understand what you’re going through it makes life a lot harder to maneuver and you end up feeling alone…

This is when therapy can help and I am here to face challenges with you.  In our individual work together, I will help you find resolutions to individual issues that stand as barriers to achieving a healthier psychological well-being.  I get that reaching out to me might be the hardest step you are making at this moment, and I know that you are not reading this just to read it.  There’s something within you craving for change.  So make the change happen, this is for you and no one else.

I am available to speak over the phone.  My number is  1-323-487-9003 or send me an email to schedule a free 20-minute initial phone assessment by clicking here.