Let’s book you a session.

Location:  Heart of Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA 

Thank you for contacting us.  Please complete the form below or simply call us at 1(323)487-9003 for a free phone consult.  We will get back to you within a 24-hour time frame.

What we offer to new patients?

We offer a free 20-minute phone assessment to gather presenting issues, answer any questions you may have about therapy including session fees and insurance.

Please note that we do not take insurance and only take out of network insurance or PPO insurance.  With PPO insurance, you are responsible to pay for the fees up front and we will generate a superbill that you will submit to your insurance for reimbursement of fees.

Below is a list of questions you want to ask your insurance carrier regarding fee reimbursement:

  1.  Do I carry a PPO or an HMO insurance plan?
  2.  Do I have unlimited or limited therapy sessions?
  3.  Will I get fee reimbursement for services such as: individual therapy, group therapy and couples therapy?
  4.  What are the reimbursement rates/percentage split?
  5.  How long is the processing time for fee reimbursement?
For Clinicians:

Grazel is available to speak or present a workshop on topics surrounding mindfulness and multiculturalism.    Grazel can speak for 20 minutes over the phone to consult and to schedule a meeting.

Thank you and we are looking forward to speaking with you and meeting you.