LGBTQ Affirmative Couples Therapy

GGPA is an LGBTQI affirmative group practice and employs LGBTQI affirmative therapists.  GGP’s clinical associates received specialized training in providing LGBTQI affirmative therapy to individuals and couples.

Grazel including GGP’s clinical associates are all emotionally-focused trained therapists and are qualified to assist you in processing relationship issues with your partner(s).  To learn more about Grazel’s LGBTQI training, click here or you may click here to get to know our LGBTQI Affirmative therapists.

Below is a list of our LGBTQI treatment focus:

  • relationship issues
  • internalized homophobia
  • religious and cultural issues related to sexuality
  • harm reduction and addiction
  • processing trauma related to hate crime experiences
  • assist patients who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS
  • assist children, teens, adults with coming out to friends, family and work colleagues
  • assist the trans community in processing depression, anxiety and trauma related to gender dysphoria including assistance in providing gender transition support; and
  • provide WPATH-standard letters for gender confirmation surgeries

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Photo by Marcelo Chagas