LGBTQ Affirmative Couples Therapy

GGPA is an LGBTQI affirmative practice and employs LGBTQI affirmative therapists.  GGP’s associates received training in providing LGBTQI affirmative therapy to individuals and couples.  Grazel, the founder of GGPA received all her training hours working full-time at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood and spent many years working directly with the LGBTQI population and continues to serve them in her practice.

Part of Grazel’s work as a therapist at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood  was working with the multi-disciplinary team which consisted of medical doctors, psychiatrists, and social workers.  Grazel worked directly with the patients of the Director of Primary Care Clinic, Dr. Ward Carpenter, and Dr. Robert Bolan, the Medical Director of the Jeffrey Goodman Clinic at the Los Angeles LBGT Center.

In this position, not only did Grazel see many LGBTQ couples and helped treat relationship issues, she also assisted individuals who were newly diagnosed with HIV and struggling with issues surrounding substance use and addiction.  Moreover, as a therapist specializing in addiction, she co-facilitated Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for Crystal Meth and cocaine users.  She also created and facilitated a Harm-Reduction and a Abstinence Group for Women.

Given Grazel’s vast experience in treating LGBTQI issues including but not limited to internalized homophobia, coming out issues, cultural and spiritual/religious issues related to sexuality she continues to provide LGBTQ training and supervision to her associates.  Please click here to get to know our therapists.

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