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Therapists for Rape Victims in Los Angeles

therapists for rape victims los angeles


Suffering through the horrific experience of rape is undoubtedly the most traumatic situation women and men go through.  Rape survivors need emotional, physical, and psychological support, but some women and men deny themselves this support, fearful of experiencing social injustices surrounding rape.  Rape survivors become fearful of discussing the situation with anyone and seeking to keep it a secret. Bottling up these emotions and feelings can make it difficult for them to cope.  Getting professional help is an important step and finding the right therapists for rape victims in Los Angeles is the first step in beginning the process of healing.  

Support for Victims

A therapist can be the ideal person to provide you with the support you need at this difficult time. Survivors of rape often experience heavy emotions, including feelings of guilt and shame associated with the experience. You may find that you deal with depression, anxiety, lack of self-agency, the loss of one’s’ voice, a decline in confidence level, and experience PTSD.  Talking about these issues may be difficult for you, but when you are with an experienced therapist that deals with rape survivors, you will get support and direction that can help you heal.

therapists for rape victims los angeles


Recovery with the Help of Therapists

Therapists for rape victims in Los Angeles can go a long way in helping you with your recovery. While it may seem difficult for you to talk about your experiences and feelings, with the assistance of a good therapist, you will find that you still have the strength you have always had.  Your therapist can help you gain greater self-awareness and give you the critical emotional support and comfort that you require now.

Speaking with Therapists

If you are seeking help from therapists for rape victims in Los Angeles, please contact, Grazel Garcia, at Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy.  Grazel is a licensed therapist with years of practical experience and can provide you with the support and understanding you want.  You can call her office at (323) 487-9003 so you can receive a free 20-minute phone consult to talk about what you are facing.  Grazel can then arrange for an in-person session that can provide you with a safe atmosphere to talk freely so that you can begin the process of healing.  If you prefer to get in touch by email, you can write to and Grazel will get back to you as soon as possible.

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