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Los Feliz Couples Therapy by Grazel Garcia Can Renew your Relationship

Los Feliz Couples Therapy

More about Grazel’s work as a therapist

In addition to Grazel’s Los Feliz Couples Therapy, she also works with folks in resolving individual issues and concerns.  She has expertise in treating issues related to the LGBQ and trans community, including folks who are in open, polyamorous and multi-dimensional relationships.  Grazel also writes WPATH-standard for gender confirmation surgeries. Moreover, Grazel treats issues surrounding depression, OCD, anxiety, addiction including sex and love addiction, self-esteem issues, passive aggression, and anger management issues.  Grazel also works with folks who are struggling with medical illnesses, loss, grief, and death and dying.  If you are having issues in your relationships and you want these issues dealt with individually, please call Grazel to schedule an initial assessment.  Starting therapy can be the key to unlocking a better and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

Los Feliz Couples Therapy

The Power of TWO

It takes two people to make and break a relationship and there is a strong correlation to success in relationships when both partners are involved and highly motivated in creating changes that are long-lasting.  When emotional distress arises, having a partner who is accessible, responsive and engaged can help calm our nervous system down and can provide tremendous internal healing. Thus, it is important not to wait and to reach out for help together when relationship distress arises early on in the relationship.  Grazel provides therapy to those residing in Los Feliz. If you are interested in working with a relationships expert, you can reach Grazel through our online booking form, or call Grazel at 1-(323)-487-9003 today.

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