Couples Therapy

A Variety of Couples Therapy Choices in Los Feliz

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is my specialty.  As you all may know, even the most rewarding, loving relationships can also face challenges.  Having relational ups and downs is just the nature of relationships. Sometimes, others find resolutions to their issues and at times, others don’t.  When heavy relational issues aren’t addressed head-on at the beginning, it can lead to resentment and the relationship issues can lead to break-ups. It is important to know that help is available to you and resolutions to relational issues are attainable with the guidance of a relationships expert.  In this blog, you’ll find a variety of couples therapy treatments offered to the residents in Los Feliz area.

Los Feliz Couples Therapy

For much of my couples therapy, I utilize emotionally-focused therapy or EFT.  I’ve been trained in this modality for many years and can use it with individuals, couples and families.  EFT works to help couples move towards secure attachment styles and away from insecure attachment styles. This is achieved through better understanding of each partner’s emotions and needs as well as their own, and then increasing the couples’ abilities to use their emotions as a guide in improving their ways of relating to each other.

Couples Therapy

LGBTQI Affirmative Couples Therapy

With six years working directly with the LGBTQI population, I have plenty of experience in finding solutions to LGBTQI relational issues.  Completing all of my training hours at the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood was a wonderful experience and has provided me tremendous amount of growth as a psychotherapist.  I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to share my expertise in addiction, coming out issues, internalized homophobia, sexuality-related issues pertaining to cultural and spiritual issues with psychiatrists, medical doctors, LGBTQ affirmative therapists, and social workers at the LGBT Center.  In addition, I’ve guided many LGBTQI couples attain a healthier relationship with their significant others.

Interracial Couples Therapy

No two couples are the same. Every couple has unique strengths and challenges. This is why I tailor my treatment specific to a couples’ needs.  Interracial couples have different issues than many other couples. It’s natural to sometimes feel misunderstood, confused, different, and even marginalized. Some therapists may struggle to understand issues surrounding oppression, but I can help. For years, I’ve assisted interracial couples in my practice. Secure bonding provides couples the opportunity to show and share the best of themselves with their partners.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is a long-term commitment.  If you don’t address relational issues and areas of potential conflict before marriage, those problems can fester.  In time, they can lead to serious concerns. This is when pre-marital counseling is helpful. It is designed to find effective, secure strategies for not just discussing conflicts, but resolving them, too.  In this way, couples can address significant differences and understand each other’s expectations before marriage. This can include topics surrounding building a family together, child rearing, spiritual and religious beliefs, finances, intimacy and more.

Group Therapy, too

I also offer group therapy to those who enjoy sharing their space with like-minded people.   Group therapy has many benefits that go beyond individual therapy. In this kind of therapy, you can grow with other people, sharing experiences and learning together.  If you are ready for any of these kinds of therapy, don’t hesitate to give me a call at (323) 487-9003.

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