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When do Couples Reach out to Therapists?


Couples find their way into therapy when fights have escalated without any resolutions.  EFT treatment is not suitable to those who are looking to end their relationship. Most couples, if not all, seek EFT couples therapy because they want to repair the ruptures in the relationship and create a secure bond.  Most couples verbalize needing help surrounding “communication issues” in which one or both partners feel unheard, feel dismissed, feel invalidated, etc. In EFT treatment, Grazel will help you learn better ways of listening to each other’s points of view and find healthier ways of engaging and responding to your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and needs.  


EFT Process and its Stages and Steps

Emotionally-Focused Therapy consists of three stages.  During your initial assessment with Grazel, she will give you a hand out that lays out the foundation of EFT.  In your work with Grazel, she will focus on (1) De-escalation; (2) Bonding; and (3) Consolidation of Change. These stages involves eight steps:  

Step 1: Assessment: Grazel will gather information and ask questions that will help her understand the core conflicts in your relationship within the attachment lens.  ​

Step 2:  Grazel will help you Identify the negative interaction pattern or cycle.

Step 3:  Grazel will dive more deeply into your relationship and guide you to feel and share the emotions underlying and fueling each partners position in the cycle.  

Step 4:  Grazel will help you develop an understanding and experience of the problem (reframe) in terms of the cycle, the underlying emotions driving the cycle and the attachment needs which are normal and longing to be met.  

Step 5:  Grazel will help to identify disowned needs and aspects of self that have been hidden for each partner.  ​

Step 6:  Grazel will help promote acceptance of these raw, tender and hidden aspects of self and learn new ways of relating.  

Step 7:  Grazel will facilitate the expression of needs and wants, and restructure the interaction to create true and vulnerable emotional engagement.  

Step 8:  Grazel will facilitate the emergence of new solutions to old problematic relationship issues.

Effective Couples Therapy in Los Angeles that’s Affordable

Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy employs skillful therapists at an affordable rate.  Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates. offer valuable therapeutic services to their patients.  Grazel and her employees offer individual, couples, family therapy along with group and EFT therapy in Los Angeles at affordable rates.  Please contact Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy & Associates at (323) 487-9003 for an initial consult so that they may offer you the best service that fits your needs.

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