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EFT Therapy in Atwater Village: What to Expect?

EFT Therapy in Atwater Village

You may have already heard about EFT or read a few of my written articles about EFT on my blog.  If not, please click here. “EFT therapy” can sound a bit confusing at first when it’s just an acronym for “emotionally-focused therapy.”  EFT has been proven to be very effective in helping couples communicate better. As a relationships expert, I see all couples and have a specialization in treating same-sex and interracial couples.  Couples who completed their EFT couples’ treatment with me have reported significant positive changes in themselves and in their relationships with their partners.  In this blog, I’ll touch more on EFT and what your treatment looks like with me in the room.

EFT as Attachment Approach

EFT is considered to be an “experiential approach” that focuses on creating secure attachments in relationships.  Separation distress arises when an attachment bond is threatened or a secure connection is lost. Emotional and physical bonding is a survival code for all and when this bond is threatened; it is inherently traumatizing for us human beings.  This brings a heightened sense of fear around vulnerability, abandonment and helplessness which then results in negative cycles or interactional dances between couples.

EFT Therapy in Atwater Village

What to expect from me in the room…

Alliance, Trust and Safety come first.  You will see me working on building an alliance to both of you so that I may begin to provide trust and safety in our work together.  During our initial assessment, I will provide you with a handout about EFT which will give you a good understanding of EFT and it’s stages of treatment.  In the room, I will take the lead by gathering information about your arguments and the interaction dances that you and your partner get stuck in. As we continue our work together and as I deem it clinically necessary, you are to expect moments where I will go back and forth between you and your partner and other times where I will focus on one partner longer than the other.  As we get deeper in our work, you will experience moments of vulnerability in which I will hold gently with the help of your partner. The goal is to create secure bonding between you and your partner during vulnerable moments in the room.

EFT Therapy in Atwater Village

If you are ready to meet with me, feel free to give me a ring at (323) 487-9003 or send me an email at to schedule an initial consult.  If you are looking for affordable EFT therapy in Atwater Village, I have two associates who can see you at a sliding scale rate.  Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy is located in the heart of Atwater Village and is surrounded by hip restaurants, bars, stores and health and wellness studios.  The patient population that come through our doors are mostly artists, entrepreneurs, actors/celebrities, writers, musicians and everyone in the entertainment industry.  Folks from the East Side usually seek out therapy in Atwater Village, Silverlake, Los Feliz and Eagle Rock.

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