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When Should You See A Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles

relationship therapist in Los Angeles

In relationships, it is inevitable to avoid arguments and relationship challenges.  In facing these challenges, it is important to find a couples therapist who can work with you early on in your relationship so you and your partner may learn ways to address relational issues before they get worse.  Seeing a relationship therapist in Los Angeles like we offer at Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy can be very important to you and can help you resolve the problems you are facing in your relationship.  Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy employs associates in her practice who offers affordable therapy in Los Angeles.   

A Therapist and the Environment

When you go to a therapist as a couple, each of you will have the opportunity to express your concerns in a safe, comfortable environment without judgment. The issues you both face can stem from several places, including problems with intimacy, communication, understanding, emotional connections, or just an inability to resolve conflicts.  Whatever relational issues you are facing, a therapist can listen to each person and use EFT techniques to help each person understand the unhealthy roles they play in their relationship.

relationship therapist in Los Angeles

Strengthening the Relationship

The goal of a relationship therapist in Los Angeles is to find ways that help strengthen the relationship and create a stronger relational bond.  It does not matter how long you have been together as a couple – whether it is several months or many years.  What is important is that you learn better ways to communicate and be open with one another so the relationship can grow and prosper.

A Therapist in Los Angeles Can Help You Re-Connect

When you come to Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy for help, our relationship therapists will work closely with each of you so that you can begin to understand your partner’s needs and concerns and begin to find some healing. Grazel specializes in EFT and has worked with many couples in her years as a licensed therapist and is here to help you.  You can contact our office by calling (323) 487-9003 to receive a free phone consultation and learn how to get the relationship assistance you need. Alternatively, you can contact us via email. Just send us a message to and we will be happy to assist and respond to your email as soon as possible.

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