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Reach a Better Understanding With Cross Cultural Therapy Counseling

Cross Cultural Therapy

If you are seeking individual therapy or couple therapy it is crucial to find a therapist who can help you explore your personal experiences and your current role in society as a person of color or your role in your interracial relationship with your partner.  Traditionally, counselors and therapists have been predominantly white and middle-class, and as a result, this has left many people outside of this sphere feeling that their therapists have difficulty fully understanding their cultural backgrounds and their experiences as a person of color.  As a response to this issue and in our current social climate, we have seen a rise in the practice of cross cultural therapy by therapists of color where patients are given the space of understanding rather than educating their therapists.

The Importance Cross-Cultural Counseling

Many patients have learned that some of them responded better to some forms of counseling than others, and began to appreciate that a single, unified approach to therapy would not always work with others, particularly for those who were from a different culture.  As a result, it is crucial for therapists to take into account the individual’s background and culture, as well as their traditions, when working with people of color.


Cross Cultural Therapy

How This Can Help You

Therapists who implement the importance of understanding cultural differences in their work with patients is one of the most important factors to healing people who are oppressed.  Culturally aware therapists help people of color heal the emotional pain and change unhealthy role dynamics that result from institutionalized and systematic racism and social injustices faced by people in marginalized populations.  If you feel that you need to find a therapist that provides a space of safety to talk about social injustices that you or others around you are experiencing, do not hesitate to reach out to Grazel for help at (323) 487-9003.

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