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Finding the Answer to Couples Therapy in Los Feliz

Couples Therapy in Los Feliz

At the start of the relationship, everything may seem wonderful.  Over time, however, couples begin noticing certain things that bother them resulting in small conflicts without resolutions.  If you have got to the point where you can’t agree on anything and arguments arise from petty things, including shows to watch on TV or places to eat, then it may be time to seek professional help and reach out to Grazel who specializes in EFT couples therapist in Los Feliz.

Small Clouds

The first sign of trouble may be small issues that get under your skin and become irritating every time they come up. Whether it is your partner’s constant lying over minor things, or insisting on buying food that you don’t like, you start to feel irritation whenever they speak.  You find yourself arguing over petty things, just like questions about work can turn into a major quarrel. I get it, It is hard enough to get through the day at work at times, and the last thing you want to do is to go home and realize that you have to work on your relationship too.  

Couples Therapy in Los Feliz

A Relationship on the Rocks

You might find yourself moving on from initial small conflicts into issues that are more serious that could lead to a potential break-up.  You may have fights surrounding feelings of betrayal, lies, infidelity, money, or struggling with childcare issues or simply being bored with the person you’re with.  When you find yourself experiencing this, it could mean that your relationship is in crisis. When you are at this point, then it is time to call in a therapist who specializes in treating couples to discuss any marital and relationship difficulties between the two of you before the relationship or marriage ends in separation or divorce.

Seek Help for your Relationship

As a licensed family and marriage therapist in LA, I am able to provide help in finding ways to manage troubles in your relationship. Whether you need assistance with a particular problem in your marriage, or want an help from LGBTQ affriamtive therapists who understands LGBTQ relationships, I can assist and provide you with the help you need.  I have many years experience working with heterosexual and same-sex couples in couples therapy in Los Feliz , and will be able to give you the tools that will help you move forward in your relationship.  To seek therapy from me today, call (323) 487-9003 now.

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