Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles that Works

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

At the end of the day, we all have a longing to be with someone special.  However, relationships doesn’t always bring sunshine to our days. Relationships has its’ own challenges and when these challenges arise, couples begin to feel trapped in these relationship that used to make them feel light, free and liberated.  Thankfully, there is help. Grazel Garcia Psychotherapy offers the kind of couples therapy in Los Angeles that can help find resolutions for you and your partner.  

EFT Couples Therapy in Los Angeles


Relationships survive when both partners are securely attached to one another, providing each partner with safety, comfort and pleasure.  “EFT” stands for “Emotionally Focused Therapy.” This type of couples therapy in Los Angeles is focused in helping couples create secure attachment styles with their partners.  When couples find themselves feeling insecure in their relationship, this may be the best time to reach out to Grazel and inquire about couples therapy. Grazel provides a 10-20 minute phone consult to determine the best treatment for you.  

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

How This Couples Counseling in Los Angeles Works


One of the main goals of couples counseling in Los Angeles is to assist couples in creating secure ways of relating with one another using their emotions as their guide to creating a successful relationship.  For example, instead of saying “I’m tired of fighting. I just don’t see any point in talking to you about this,” couples will learn to respond in different ways such as: “I feel afraid when we fight because all I truly want is for us to be close again. I love you and want to be there for you.”  These are just examples of the shifts couples encounter in EFT Couples Therapy.

Reconnect Your Relationship

In the busy life of Southern California, there are seemingly millions of factors that can put a strain on a relationship. The goal of EFT therapy is to make the relationship a haven for both partners.  Grazel provides a healing environment where couples can both feel loved and share love for one another – creating a path towards a securely attached relationship. EFT has shown significant positive changes in  relationships. Many couples found a safe, strong and lasting relational bond with their partners after attending couples therapy in Los Angeles.  

All Kinds of Couples

Grazel Garcia treats all couples.  She especially focuses on treating interracial couples and LGBTQ couples in particular.  Whatever kind of relationship you’re in, she can help you lessen the distress between you and your partner and help make the relationship stronger.  In fact, she even offers pre-marital counseling service to those who are engaged to be married. In that, it focuses on potential relationship issues early in the relationship before tying the knot.  It also guides couples to find ways to talk about building a family, including co-parenting values, finances, religious beliefs, etc. Attending pre-marital counseling provides couples with skills to creating a strong and sustainable marriage and help prevent unresolved marital issues.

Counseling Services for All

There is help for relationship issues.  When you want to connect to your partner and having difficulty finding healthier ways to connect, help is available.  Instead of fighting again, or feeling hopeless about the relationship, reach out to Grazel for support. She can walk you through all the steps to get started with couples counseling and begin to resolve any relationship issues you may be experiencing.  To learn more, call (323) 487-9003 or go to her website to inquire about couples therapy in Los Angeles.

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