Culturally Sensitive Therapy in Los Angeles

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Seeking therapy is a difficult step towards change.  In our current social and political climate, it is important to find a therapist that offers a culturally sensitive therapy space to share your most intimate emotions and struggles.  Therefore, it is important to find a therapist that makes you feel safe and understood and most specially someone who you can identify with. Finding a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings is easier with a therapist who is sensitive to your life and experiences. 


What it Means to Be Culturally Sensitive in Therapy

A culturally sensitive therapist focuses on providing culturally sensitive therapy full of safety and emotional healing. Culturally sensitive therapy requires a therapist to have a higher ability to identify, recognize and understand the impact of one’s own culture to the person and the person’s environment as a whole.  The importance of understanding is carefully placed on valuing the differences in people and their various cultures, opinions, and belief systems. This differences include age, beliefs, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion and socioeconomic status.  Most patients find emotional healing when working with a therapist that is able to provide a space to talk about things most patients find hard to talk with other therapists who are not culturally sensitive.

Finding Awareness as a Therapist

Patients are going to come in many forms and ages, which makes it important for a therapist to remain aware of what is happening among different cultures.  Although a therapist can’t soak in all there is to know about everything, to have knowledge of what is going on in the world is extremely important.  No matter what age or background, patients want to feel as though their feelings and opinions are heard and can be understood.  Therapy provides an open door in which patients can safely, and confidently walk through and not feel judged.  Some patients may feel as though there are dominant culture groups that do not believe their experiences are real, but with a sensitive therapist such as Grazel Garcia, this is not the case.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy with Grazel Garcia

Grazel Garcia focuses on providing a culturally sensitive therapy space which allows Grazel to listen in to your struggles through a cultural lens.  Grazel provides a space to talk about your most intimate and vulnerable experiences within a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment.  Call (323) 487-9003 to book a session with Grazel, one of the top therapists in Los Angeles to begin your journey to personal growth and healing.


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